Usage: ./scripts/PATCH.tcl [options] patch_file1 [patch_file 2 ...]

    Updates files in a Altair Engineering software hierarchy from patch files,
    archiving the modified files and updating the version file
    to indicate the applied patches.

    -h       Show brief usage information
    -v       Increase verbosity

    -force   Force installation of a patch that is already installed.
    -tar     Specify path to tar executable
    -gunzip  Specify path to gunzip executable

    -undo <PATCHNAME>   Uninstall a named patch

     % ./scripts/PATCH.tcl patches/rollup1.common.patch.tar.gz
     % ./scripts/PATCH.tcl -force patches/rollup1.common.patch.tar.gz
     % ./scripts/PATCH.tcl patches/rollup2.*gz

     % ./scripts/PATCH.tcl -undo patches/save/rollup1.common.undo.tar.gz

  To show installed patches, use:
     % vovversion -install