Start/Stop the RLM License Server

If you are using an RLM license file instead of a keyfile, you will need to start the license server on the host for which the license is made. The other Altair Accelerator programs locate the RLM license server by referring to the RLM_LICENSE environment variable.

Usually the RLM server directory will contain the platform-specific binaries for the license server host, including rlm, rlmutil, rtdad, and symbolic links from rlmutil to the usual command names like rlmstat, etc.

Disable the built-in web server and broadcast (starting in RLM 10)
% cd /opt/rlm
% ./rlm -nows -noudp -c rtda.lic -dlog reprise.log &
% printenv RLM_LICENSE
% rlmstat -avail
% cd /opt/rlm
% ./rlmutil rlmdown RLM
rlmdown v11.2
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