Define a Default Jobclass

When defined, a default jobclass is evaluated for each job as it is submitted before any other nc run options are parsed. The default jobclass should be simple and limited to actions such as supplying basic values for RAM/ and CORES/.

When a default jobclass is in effect, the values it establishes may be changed if a jobclass is later named by the -C option of the nc run command.

There are two methods to designate a jobclass as the default:
  • Via the Jobclass page web page.
  • Setting a property from the CLI.
The default jobclass is determined by the value of the property NC_DEFAULT_JOBCLASS attached to the trace (VovId=1). You can use the utility vovprop to set this property. In the following example, normal is set as the default jobclass.
% nc cmd vovprop SET -text 1 "NC_DEFAULT_JOBCLASS" "normal"
View the default jobclass from the CLI by:
% nc cmd vovprop GET 1 NC_DEFAULT_JOBCLASS

Jobclass Definitions Examples

Example of job class "SHORT"
# This is file short.tcl
set classDescription  "Jobs taking less than 30s"
set classEditable     true; # Allow editing via web UI
set VOV_JOB_DESC(xdur)           30
set VOV_JOB_DESC(autokill)       1
set VOV_JOB_DESC(priority,sched) 8
set VOV_JOB_DESC(env)            "BASE+D(VOV_LIMIT_cputime=30)"

proc initJobClass {} {}
Example of jobclass "INTERACTIVE"
# This is file interactive.tcl
set classDescription        "Interactive Jobs"
set classEditable           false; # Disallow editing via web UI

set VOV_JOB_DESC(resources)      ""

# Make the environment unique for each interactive job,
# so that multiple submissions of the same command in the same
# directory will result in multiple jobs
set VOV_JOB_DESC(env) "BASE+D(uniquify=[clock seconds])"

set VOV_JOB_DESC(priority,sched) 9
set VOV_JOB_DESC(interactive,useXdisplay) 1

# We want Crtl-C and similar commands to be handled by the remote host.
set VOV_JOB_DESC(interactive,flag) "tty_remote"

# We do not want any wrapper for interactive jobs,
# to allow stdout and stdin to go directly to the TTY.
set VOV_JOB_DESC(wrapper) ""