Command Line Interface

All user commands have the following structure:
% nc [-q qname] subcommand [options]
The subcommand is one of the following:
For example:
% nc help
% nc run sleep 10
% nc list
% nc forget -mine

The Exclamation Point (!) Special Operator

Some Accelerator subcommands accept a single exclamation point, and interpret it to mean 'most-recent job run in the current directory'. This is meant for interactive use to avoid typing or copying the nine digit job ID.

This is not recommend for use in scripts, because it involves a scan of the jobs in the system. Instead, save the job ID returned when submitting the job and use the ID in queries.

The Accelerator subcommands that support this are:
  • info
  • getfield
  • rerun
For example:
% nc info !
% nc info -l !
Some VOV commands that support this may sometimes be useful in Accelerator context, by preceding them with nc cmd:
  • vovset
  • vovfire
  • vsx, vsy
Any unique prefix for the subcommand is accepted, which allows abbreviated forms of commands to be used. For example:
% nc l
% nc li
% nc lis
% nc list