Altair SmartWorks Analytics


The SmartWorks Analytics Library

The SmartWorks Analytics Library is a repository of resources similar to a file system comprising folders, workflows, and files. You can not only access the existing folders, workflows, and files but also create new workspaces and folders and upload files to the Library.

Folders can contain multiple workflows and files.



The SmartWorks Analytics Library serves two purposes:

  • It provides input data sources for workflows.

  • It can be used as an export location for CSV files exported from a workflow.

An ideal file size for upload to the SmartWorks Analytics Library is 250 MB.

Note that while any file type can be saved to the Library (e.g., PDF, MS Excel, SAS, CSV, etc.), the utility of these files is highly node- and engine-specific. For example, nodes based on Pandas and Apache Spark can only consume delimited text files. The Data Prep Studio node can consume several file types, including PDF, report files, XML, JSON, MS Excel, and delimited and semi-structured text. Similarly, the Knowledge Studio node can consume file types such as SAS, MS Excel, and delimited and fixed-width text, among others.


The SmartWorks Analytics Library provides unlimited access to  folders, workflows, and files with the following functions:


  • You can store multiple workflows and files in the Library as individual elements without grouping them into folders

  • You can rename folders in the Library.

  • You can select a folder to perform open, remove, and rename operations.

  • You can perform data import operations as the first step in authoring workflows. 

  • You can also select all elements of the Library for performing mass removal operations.