Altair SmartWorks Analytics



The Sessions window displays by default when a specific Execution Profile is selected. This page shows a list of all active sessions for the current user, including Session IDs and their uptime (i.e., how long the session has been active). You can start a new session for the Execution Profile by clicking the Start Session button located at the top right corner of the page.


For easy reference, session names are composed of a concatenation of (1) user id, (2) one adjective, and (3) one noun. Special characters in the user ID, such as @ _ - . are accepted.

The Uptime column is refreshed every 20 seconds. If the session fails or is disconnected for whatever reason and the application is unable to reconnect, the session must be purged and a new one must be started to continue working with SmartWorks Analytics.

Clicking on the icon located to the right of a session reveals a menu that will allow you to open the underlying Jupyter Notebook (if applicable) or purge the session.