Altair SmartWorks Analytics


Node Viewer

The Node Viewer allows you to configure the properties of a node. It is accessed be either double-clicking on a node placed in the Workflow Canvas or selecting a node, clicking on the icon, and then selecting Open from the available options.


The Node Viewer includes two tabs: Configuration and Code. You can configure node properties using standard parameters in the Configuration tab. This tab also provides previews of your raw and imported/actual data.


The different panels of the Configuration tab of the Node Viewer may be moved to a new location within the viewer by selecting a panel and then dragging and dropping it into your desired location.



They may even be arranged as tabs.


The Code tab of the Node Viewer allows you to specify more "custom" or detailed properties.


For example, you could modify the table name or directly edit the code applied when you run the node. Clicking the Edit Code button activates the Code Editor, through which you can make your desired edits.

Note: Enabling the Code Editor disables any previous configuration you have saved.


You can return to your saved configuration by returning to the Configuration tab and then enabling it by clicking the Enable Configuration button.