Altair SmartWorks Analytics


Copying Objects

Workflows and files may be copied in the Library. To copy files and workflows, you must have View or Edit permission for them. Initially, only the user who copies a file or workflow has any permission to this copy. View, Share, or Edit permission for the file may then be granted to other users.

Select a workflow or file and then click the Copy to icon from the Library menu beside the +New button. Alternatively, you can select the workflow, click , and select click Copy to from the options.


In the COPY TO browser, navigate to the folder to which the workflow or file should be copied and then click Copy To.


If the folder you are copying the file or workflow to contains a file or workflow with the same name, the following popup displays.


Click Cancel to abandon the Copy operation and close the popup. If you do not wish to rename the file or workflow, select a different folder in which to copy the object. Otherwise, rename the file or workflow to be copied prior to attempting a new Copy operation.