Altair® Panopticon


Time Window Filters

When using a data set enabled for time series analysis, Time Window Filters allow you to both define a time window, and select the displayed time slice (Snapshot time).

As with numeric range filters the handles can be dragged to specify a time window, which will automatically filter the display of any time series visualization, and update any time window based calculations.

The selected time slice shown on non-time series visualizations is displayed through the snapshot marker which itself can be dragged.

The snapshot time can also be updated by right-clicking on the time series visualization and selecting Set Snapshot here from the context menu.

A Play/Pause button can be displayed to automatically animate through the time series, and if required the time window handles can be removed from the filter.



Workbooks can be designed with time window filters so that filtering on time either:

  • Simply limits the time window displayed on screen

  • Dynamically executes a further data query to retrieve more granular data. For example, Go from minute by minute data to second by second data.

In the case of dynamically executing queries based on the time window filter, data can be retrieved based on:

  • Selected start of the time window

  • Selected end of the time window

  • Selected Snapshot time