Settings in Datawatch Designer

In Panopticon Designer (Desktop), you are required to make certain settings related to the JNDI data source, even though Panopticon Designer (Desktop) is not using it for its own purpose. Instead, the settings are instructions to the Panopticon Server for Java, telling it which data source to use for this particular data table in the Datawatch Designer workbook.

In Panopticon Designer (Desktop), in the settings of your Data Source, on the Database tab – for this particular example - enter this in the JNDI Name field:



NOTE: Leave the Username and Password blank, since those credentials are already specified in the JNDI Resource, and since Tomcat does not support providing them from elsewhere.


For making connections to the MySQL database, Panopticon Designer (Desktop) will rely on the ODBC driver of the database. This means that you must:   

Include your database credentials in the DSN settings.