Altair® Panopticon


Setting Visualization Properties

At the top right of each visualization is the Settings icon which opens the Visualization Settings panel. The Settings for each visualization are specific to the capabilities and functions of the Visualization; however they are grouped into the following sections:

  • General

  • Axes

  • Synchronization

  • Filters


Common features across all visualizations include:

  • Level of Details – for drilling into Data sets

  • Double click – set the behavior when double-clicking on a visualization value

  • Reset zoom when data is reloaded - whether to reset zoom when data reloads

  • Show Details Popup - whether to show the Details pop-up

  • Hide Empty Details Popup Values – whether to hide the empty Details pop-up values in the Web client

  • Rank Filter - whether to apply Rank filter for the Table and non-time series visualizations that use the Size or Height variable

  • Fixed in presentation mode - whether to set the rank filtering to be fixed in the presentation mode

  • Title Style - specifies the Details popup title style

  • Hide Header Controls - whether to hide header controls such as Export Excel, Toggle Display Mode, Maximize, Rubber Band Zoom options

  • Modify the data table that is associated to the visualization

  • Automatic parametrization status

  • Font settings (inherited from the workbook, or specific visualization)

  • Help Text

  • Variable Sharing

  • Shelf Variable & Breakdown display

  • Visualization Synchronization

  • Visualization Static Filter


Additionally for those visualizations supporting cross tabbing, there are common cross tabbing axis settings.