Sample Alerts

Taking an example dataset that changes in real time, the below dashboard displays the data items, based on defined screening criteria, which are applied in the filters on the right hand side.


1 Day Change % (USD) > 5%, and < -5%

Mcap(USD) > $5,000,000,000

All items that do not match the criteria are excluded from the display.

In this case, the Treemap had been used for the source of alerts, and data updates had been configured to be paused after an alert.


When the price of Exxon (XOM.N) increases so that the 1 Day Change % is 6%, it is greater than 5% filter.  As a consequence the following alert is displayed:

And data updates are paused.  The alert includes the timestamp, plus a title as a link which is based on the hierchical path to the new item.

Clicking on the Alert Title Link, displays the workbook, and highlights the newly displayed item.

Hidden triggers will generate similar alerts, but won’t of course show the item that had just been removed from the display.

Alerts only operate when data is updating, which requires:

If a visualization is required to show all data, rather than just the filtered selection, it can be configured through Settings – Synchronization, to disable Row Filtering.  It will still show the newly added item when the alert link is clicked.