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The Salesforce connector allows the retrieval of customer data, interactions and reports for quantitative analysis.

Using Salesforce files

  1. When creating a new data table, select Salesforce from the Connect to Data dialog. The Salesforce Connector Settings dialog displays.

  2. Enter the Login Server. This defaults to

  3. Enter the Username for the Salesforce account.

NOTE: Ensure that the user has API access to the Salesforce organization to which it is associated.

  1. Enter the password for the Salesforce account with your Salesforce Security Token appended right after it.

Example: If your password is mysecretpassword and your security token is 11111111111111111, you would enter mysecretpassword11111111111111111 into the Password box.

NOTE: You can reset your security token from the Salesforce settings and have it sent you via e-mail.

  1. Click the Connect button.

  2. Select a source type for the data retrieval:

    • Salesforce Objects Table

These are the various Salesforce objects in your organization.

    • Report

List of reports that the user has access to.

NOTE: Salesforce limits the acquisition of reports to 2000 detail records.

  1. Select the data according to the Source Type:

    • For Salesforce Objects Table, select the table to which you want to connect.

    • For Report, you can select either:

      • the report folder in the left pane which contains the report, or

      • the desired report in the right pane)

  1. Click OK.