SAP Sybase Aleri CEP Engine

The SAP Sybase Aleri connector allows connection to the Aleri CEP engine on a real-time streaming basis. Specifically the connector allows Panopticon Designer (Desktop) to subscribe to:

Using SAP Sybase Aleri CEP Engine

  1. When creating a new data table, select Sybase Aleri from the Connect to data dialog. The Sybase Aleri Connection dialog displays.

  2. Enter the following:

    • Host

    • Port

    • Username

    • Password

  1. Click the Connect button.

  2. Select Stream or SQL.

  1. Depending on the one you selected, you can do either of the following:

    • for Stream, select from the defined list, or

    • for SQL, enter the valid SQL describing a stream, and its filter criteria

  1. Re-click the Connect button.

  2. Select the ID Column.

This defines the column that uniquely identifies a row in the returned stream, and is used for processing inserts, updates and deletes.

  1. Modify the Real-time limit, to vary the data throttling. 

This defaults to 1000 milliseconds.

  1. Click OK.

By default only the latest data will be loaded into memory. A streaming time series window can be generated by creating a compound key with the Id Column, plus a separately specified Time ID column.

This Time ID column can be from the source dataset, or alternatively automatically generated.

If the Time Id column is selected, then a scrolling time window can be specified. As new data arrives from the subscription new time slices will automatically be added, and old ones will be deleted.

The Ignore NULL values checkbox, determines if null values when received should replace existing non-null values, or should be ignored, keeping the prior non-null value.

  1. Click OK. The source table is returned in Data Prep, with the Aleri Stream title and all fields listed displayed in the Data Source Preview.

  1. Click in the data source box.

The Data Source Specific Settings dialog displays with the following information:

  1. Click in the Data Preview area. The Datasource - Transforms dialog displays with the following information:

  1. Click on a field dropdown in the Data Preview area to: