Altair® Panopticon


Parameter Encoding and Delimiters

Parameters should be placed in a query enclosed by curly brackets. For example:


Three types of parameters are available:

  • Text (the default)

  • Date/Time (through the Time Special Parameters)

  • Numeric (through selecting a numeric field, or using a Numeric Action Slider)

Each can be encoded appropriately.


For text parameters the full syntax is as follows:


For example:


The colon separates the parameter name from the delimiter string.  If there is only a single value, then the delimiter is not utilized.


For numeric and Date/Time parameters the full syntax is as follows:

{[parametername]:[display format]}

For example:

{TimeWindowStart:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss}




Parameter encoding can be used within:

  • data connectors to define a query, subscription, and connection settings

  • R Transform to define an R script

  • Python Transform to define a Python script

  • the resulting dashboard for visualization titles

  • Text label controls

  • visualizations to define variable titles


NOTE: The original $ format of prepending a parameter value with the dollar symbol is still supported for backwards compatibility reasons, but it is more limited in what it can achieve and should be avoided.