Open Data Protocol (ODATA)

The OData connector allows the retrieval and processing of data from OData-compliant data sources.

See for further details on supporting data suppliers.


  1. When creating a new data table, select ODATA from the Connect to data dialog. The OData Connection dialog displays.

  2. Enter the Collection URL.

  3. If appropriate, enter a UserID and Password.

  4. Click the Retrieve button.

The time out governs how long the data connector should wait for data to be returned.

This populates a list of available collections on the left hand side.

The Supports Metadata checkbox determines whether meta data is available from the ODATA source.

Note: Some ODATA providers do not implement metadata support.

Selecting a collection populates the OData Query URL that will be executed.

  1. Click the Add button to add filter criteria to the OData query.

The list of available filters for each collection is populated automatically.

Filter clauses once added are appended to the OData Query URL.

You can also click the to delete a query in the list.

  1. Select either the dot (.) or comma (,) as the Decimal Separator.

  2. Click OK to execute the query and return the data schema in the Data Prep with the fields displayed in the Data Source Preview.