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Numeric Action Slider

The Numeric Action Slider allows the entry of a numeric parameter. 

Whenever the slider value is changed the associated action is executed.

Adding Numeric Action Slider

  1. Draw a rectangle on the dashboard canvas to display the Parts dialog.

  1. Click the Numeric Action Slider  icon in the General section of the Parts dialog.  

The Numeric Action Slider part is displayed in the dashboard canvas. By default it shows three numeric value labels (0, 0, and 1) with a numeric slider below.

  1. Select the newly added slider and click Settings.

The Numeric Action Slider Settings dialog displays.

 There are two Mode options for defining settings for Action (i.e., Use Action) and Parameter (i.e., Set Parameter).

  1. If Set Parameter is selected, select the Target Dashboard. Otherwise, proceed to step 5.

This populates the Parameter drop-down list of the parameters that are defined in the selected target dashboard. Proceed to step 6.

  1. If Use Action is selected, select an Action to be used by the control.

  1. Select an action to be used by the control.

    • Edit button to modify the action settings or

    • New button to create a new action if needed, and then use that.

This populates the Parameters drop-down lists of the parameters defined in the selected action.

  1. Select the Parameter that will be updated by the numeric action slider.

  2. Check the Show Title box to display the title. The title is named Set <Parameter>.

  1. Select the Label Position: Top or Left.

  2. Enter the Minimum allowed value.

  3. Enter the Maximum allow value.

  4. Select the Format.

  5. To modify the style settings of the Numeric Action Slider, make the necessary changes in the following controls:

    • Font - Click Change to display the Font dialog where you can set the Font Type, Style, Size, and Script.

    • Foreground - Click Change to display the Color dialog and set the Foreground color.

    • Background - Click Change to display the Color dialog and set the Background color.

    You may opt to click Restore Defaults to revert to the default style settings.

  1. Check the Display in PDF box to include this dashboard part in the PDF output.

  2. Click Close.

The resulting action control is displayed on the dashboard canvas.