Altair® Panopticon


Modify the Data Table that is Associated to the Visualization

The data table that was used to create a visualization can eventually be modified to other data tables that are available in the workbook.

Modifying Data Tables

  1. Click on a visualization.

The associated data table is displayed on the Data Table pane.


For this sample, the associated data table for the Flat Table of Company Performance visualization is StocksStatic.

  1. Click Settings  . The Settings dialog of the visualization displays.

  1. Select another data table in the Datatable list.


NOTE: The Datatable drop-down is filtered according to the visualization. For time series visualizations, only time series data tables are displayed. However, for non-time series visualizations, all data tables are displayed.

The switch to the new data table will be implemented when the Settings dialog is closed.


  1. Click Close.



Any changes in the schema in the newly selected data table would cause variable with missing measures to be invalidated. In addition, breakdowns with missing dimensions will be invalidated.