Altair® Panopticon


Interacting with Visualizations

The data visualizations in Panopticon Designer (Desktop) are highly interactive. Users can manipulate the various controls and filters associated with the visualizations in order to find patterns and outliers very quickly. These visualizations are not intended to be static displays but rather are exploratory tools you can use to discover and better understand the useful information buried in your data.

  • Refresh Page

Click the Refresh   icon to update the information in the workbook.

  • Pause Real time Display

Click Pause Real-Time  icon to pause refreshing of the information in the workbook.

  • Panning Around Within the Zoomed Area

In the Panopticon Designer (Desktop) and Analyst for Java web client, you can hold down the Ctrl key while dragging your mouse to pan around within the zoomed area.

  • Details Pop-up

Hover over an item to display the Details associated with the item. The dashboard publisher can change the information that appears in the Details Pop-Up display.

For tablets which are touch enabled, touch the item to display the details pop-up.