Altair® Panopticon


Hybrid Expansion

MongoDB can have multiple array types in the same BSON document; because each column is defined individually in the MongoDB connector, multiple dimensions of expansion can be combined.

Hybrid expansion allows a user to define any combination of row, column, or hierarchy expansion in the same MongoDB query. As demonstrated in the Row Array Expansion and Column Array Expansion sections, these features can be defined in conjunction with each other.

For each entry in the row expanded array, the information in the column expanded array is duplicated. This leaves the information in the column expanded arrays available for every row entry in the same document.

Multiple row and column expanded arrays in the same document will still expand as covered in their respective sections.

Hierarchy expansion also functions with two dimensional row/column expansions and duplicates each row of node data for row expansions.

NOTE: Multiple hierarchy structures and labels are not allowed.

After clicking OK, the sample data will display options selected for the hybrid expansion.