Altair® Panopticon


Features Added in Version 13.6

  • New Vertica connector

  • Logging configurable in Visualization Server for .NET

  • Ability to maximize Connectors window

  • New Iframe Part visualization

  • Security plugin for the Visualization Server for Java

  • Implementation of the Backend Server Managers by using interfaces in the Visualization Server for Java

  • Ability to terminate the session of a user after a client logout request in Visualization Server for .NET

  • Ability for the JSON connector to:

    • handle no array data

    • handle arrays within arrays of data

  • For the JSON, Text and XML connectors:

    • clicking the Tab key performs desired action (i.e., go to the next field box or hit a button)

    • set the Text cursor on fields box and allow necessary parameterization

    • ability to set custom HTTP Header

    • ability for the HTTP URL to include user agents

The Headers value in the XML connector can be parameterized

The new HTML connector has a Web URL option where the entered URL can be grabbed and parameterized

Ability to retain authorization settings when republishing local workbook

Use of the Tomcat JNDI Realm as Tomcat’s built in the LDAP Authentication mechanism with the Visualization Server for Java

Text option now available in the JSON and XML connectors

Improvement in the Applications dropdown for the Splunk connector