Altair® Panopticon


Features Added in Version 17.0.0

  • New Panopticon Streams

Introduction of the new Stream Processing Engine, Panopticon Streams, which leverages the Kafka Streams platform together with the existing Panopticon Visual Analytics platform and supports:

    • Real Time Data Prep

    • Aggregation Engine

    • Calculation Engine

    • Alerting Engine


  • Data Connectivity

    • New Panopticon Streams connector

    • Support for 5.x and 6.x versions of the Elasticsearch connector

    • Support for the passing of user name and password in the Elasticsearch 5.x connector

    • New Schema Registry Host field in the Kafka connector

    • New Schema Registry Host field in the Kafka Publisher connector

    • Support for the STRUCT and ARRAY data types of HadoopHive in the JDBC Database connector

    • Increased Timeout in the Text Connector

    • Support for nested numeric lists in the Kx kdb+tick connector (e.g. when retrieving order book depth)

    • Support for users with no access to the Admin database in the MongoDB connector


  • Designer

    • Support for exporting data sources that will be used as inputs in the Panopticon Streams


  • Analytics

    • Improved synchronization of Shared and Visible variables in visualizations


  • Dashboard

    • Ability to Hide Header Controls in visualizations

    • Support for Enable Filtering in the Color Legend even when the Enable User Interaction property is set to false


  • Visualization SDK

    • Updated JS API to support filtering


  • Platform

    • Support to own authentication login panel

    • Scheduling of Data Extract Load

    • Scheduling of HTML email sending

    • Scheduling of tasks such as PDF Emailing

    • Ability to set what can refresh the authentication token


  • Web Client

    • Support for the synchronization of drilling in visualizations

    • Ability to hide header controls in visualizations

    • Support for the Network Graph visualization

    • New Pin Details pop-up

    • Notification message displays when a connection issue with the Panopticon Server occurs