Altair® Panopticon


Features Added in Version 16.4.0

  • Data Connectivity

    • MongoDB connector supports the current version (Community 3.4)

    • New Search Table option for the Join Table in the Database connector


  • Visualization

    • New Hierarchy Level aggregate

    • Ability to adjust the width of the Text Axis Leaf in the Table visualization

    • Data table loader framework for External aggregate is extended to allow aggregates to be supplied from source data


  • Designer

    • Ability to hide a dashboard part from the PDF output

    • Ability to set Label Position in the Action Drop Down dashboard part

    • Updated layout of the categorical Color variable panel

    • Ability to limit the date range of the Action Date Range Picker


  • Server

    • New Restful Service and batch script to clear all subscriptions


  • Web Client

    • Ability to hide dashboard tabs and toolbar icons in single dashboard workbooks

    • Support to zoom visualizations using mouse wheel

    • Support for $XAxisValueMin, $XAxisValueMax, $YAxisValueMin, $YAxisValueMax for Actions

    • Support for Reset Zoom when Data is Reloaded when running an Action



In addition, deprecation of the following:

  • Server-side rendering and Front-end Server