Altair® Panopticon


Features Added in Version 13.4

Datawatch is sunsetting Java applet in the Datawatch Server – Visualization Edition 13.4 for both .NET and Java since it no longer works on Google Chrome versions 4.5 and above.

This is because NPAPI is not anymore supported by Google Chrome which is a technology required for Java applets.

  • Removal of Java applet

  • Ability to embed Designer functionality

  • New connectors:

    • Greenplum

    • dBase

  • Drop shadow for Metro window

  • Ability to connect Datawatch Designer to both frontend and backend Datawatch Server – Visualization Edition for Java

  • The configuration dialogs for individual connectors are redesigned to be easier to use.

  • The icons in Datawatch Designer’s dialogs can now be replaced for rebranding the embedded version of Designer.

  • Dashboard buttons moved to the Workbook pane

  • Thin Client API examples have been improved.

  • Cache controls

  • Ability to define and save multiple breakdowns on a visualization and cycle through these breakdowns via keystrokes.

  • Data row set limit being applied in the Data Prep

  • Secured the missing Attribute in the Session cookie

  • TXT and CSV file types are displayed options when selecting the Text-type data source

  • Ability to preserve cookies in HTML client

  • The web rest and web client from the panopticonex server package are separated