Altair® Panopticon


Features Added in Version 12.0

  • Alignment to Datawatch version numbering and branding

  • New Data Model & Data Pipeline to improve performance in Datawatch Desktop

  • Updated Query on Demand (ROLAP) to improve connectivity to external big data sources

  • Scatter Plot supports square as well as circle scatter points to optimize painting performance

  • Font Selection on Filters, Legends, Action Controls, and Shelves

  • ODATA connector supports partial ODATA sources that do not implement metadata

  • Message Bus connectivity updated to support multiple message formats (XML, JSON & FIX)

  • Removal of Filter Box Auto-Population

  • OneTick connectivity using the C# interface updated to support more complex OTQs


NOTE: For all versions 6.3.1 and lower to 6.0, the product name was Panopticon.