Altair® Panopticon


Elasticsearch 7.x

The Elasticsearch 7.x connector allows you to connect and access data from an Elasticsearch cluster using Java High Level REST Client.


  • Similar to Elasticsearch 5.x and Elasticsearch 6.x connectors but uses Java High Level REST Client.

  • The elastic TransportClient used by Elasticsearch 5.x and Elasticsearch 6.x is deprecated in 7.0 and will be removed in 8.0.



Using Elasticsearch 7.x

  1. When creating a new data table, select Elasticsearch 7.x from the Connect to data dialog. The Elasticsearch 7.x Connection dialog displays.

  2. Provide the following information:

    • Host

The host name of any node in your Elasticsearch cluster, or localhost for a node on your local machine.

    • Port

The port running the Elasticsearch HTTP service (default is 9200). If the port you wish to use is different from the default port, change the value to the correct one.

    • User Name

The username used to connect to the Elasticsearch 7.x service.

    • Password

The password used to connect to the Elasticsearch 7.x service.

Check the Show Characters box to display the entered password characters.

    • Cluster Name

The cluster name that can be used to discover and auto-join nodes.

  1. Select an Index in the list.

  2. Enter an optional JSON-encoded request body in the Query box.

  3. Click OK to confirm the query and retrieve the records set into Panopticon Designer (Desktop).

The flat record set corresponding to the executed query is returned from the data source and displayed in the Edit Data Table view with the data source name as the title and fields listed in the Data Source preview when the Show Data Preview box is checked.