Altair® Panopticon


Design Mode and Presentation Mode

  • Design Mode allows you to create Panopticon Designer (Desktop) Workbooks and add or change elements in Dashboards.

  • Presentation Mode lets you use your Panopticon Designer (Desktop) Workbooks and Dashboards to analyze data

Essentially, Presentation Mode in Panopticon Designer (Desktop) is the same as accessing a published workbook via a web browser. Panopticon Designer (Desktop) defaults to the Design Mode.

It is easy to switch between Design Mode and Presentation Mode.

Switching Between Modes

  1. You can either:

    • select View > Presentation Mode from the toolbar, or

    • click on the Toolbar icon that controls the mode located at the top of the Panopticon Designer (Desktop) screen.

      • Design Mode

      • Presentation Mode


Switching from Design Mode to Presentation Mode also removes the design elements from the Workbook display:

    • Design Mode


    • Presentation Mode