Data Access and Caching

Panopticon Designer (Desktop) assumes in general data is never at rest.

Data is assumed to be too big to simply load all into memory, and is either:

This means either:

Consequently for direct access Panopticon Designer (Desktop) is only as fast as the underlying data platform, or the refreshing of resultset caches.   

When data is not changing on a timely basis, such as a daily updated data warehouse, there is the additional option of retrieving data into the queryable cache.



As a result data access is either:

In reality usage is typically Hybrid. Based on the characteristics of the underlying data, you choose whether to extract and load, or query directly.

This is to cater for real world data landscapes, where different data has different data retrieval latency characteristics, and different timeliness; and where there is too much data to simply load all into memory.