Altair® Panopticon


Creating a Workbook

Creating a Workbook

  1. You can create a new workbook either by:
    • selecting New Workbook on the File menu bar, or



    • clicking the New Workbook icon on the toolbar.


    The Connect to Data dialog box is displayed.

    This allows you to create a data table from a template or by selecting a data connector.

    If you are using the Evaluation mode, the only data connectors available are the following:

      • Template: Example – StockStatic and Example – StocksTimeSeries

      • File/URL: MS Excel, SVG, Text, XML, and Altair Monarch

      • Streaming: Stream Simulator

    NOTE: Contact your sales representative to get appropriate licenses for the other data connectors.

  2. The Search box allows you to immediately find a particular connector that you want to use. Just enter the name of the connector in the Search box.

  3. Or alternatively, by opening a data source file (e.g., Excel spreadsheet) in the Panopticon Designer (Desktop), which creates a new workbook if not already open, and shortcuts the data table creation process.

  4. Select the data you want to use in the Workbook.