Altair® Panopticon


Calculation Aggregation

Calculation aggregation is sometimes needed with calculated columns.

If the Calculation aggregate is used, any calculated columns will be re-executed up the hierarchy, so that the calculation is done on group-level aggregates instead of row-level values. Furthermore, each term in the calculation will be summed by default, but this can be controlled if a different aggregation is needed.

The aggregation applied to each column included in the calculation expression can be specified using the following syntax:


For example:


[exposure]/[risklimit:mean] also has the same result since no aggregation specified defaults to sum


NOTE: Most of the Panopticon aggregation methods are supported, except for those that involve more than one column.


You can specify any of the following:

  • abs

  • abssum

  • count

  • countdistinct

  • countnonzero

  • harmonicmean

  • level

  • max

  • mean

  • min

  • neg

  • percentofweightparent

  • percentofweighttotal

  • pos

  • product

  • siblingrank

  • stdev

  • stdevp

  • sum