Data Extracts

Data extracts are created in the creation of data source if the Use Data Extracts is enabled.

Data extracts can be specific to the workbook, or be available globally across workbooks.

Data extracts will be populated on first loading a workbook into the Panopticon Designer (Desktop), but they can be manually refreshed, and modified through the Tools > Data Extracts menu, which displays the following dialog:

Listing all workbook specific and global data extracts, including the following:

You can rename a data extract (local or global) by double-clicking on it and entering the new name.


Click Enter to commit the change.

Listed data extracts can be saved as a global data extract, published to the server, refreshed, and deleted as required. The underlying data plugin can also be viewed.

All of the added global data extracts are made available in the Connect to Data dialog that you can eventually use when creating a workbook.