Altair® Panopticon



Bookmarks are saved configurations of the active dashboard and workbook. A bookmark can be added by clicking on the Bookmarks Panel icon. This is enabled when the workbook is in Presentation Mode in Panopticon Designer.

Bookmarks are not available with anonymous access workbooks.

Bookmarks do not save data, but do save:

  • Selected Dashboard

  • Selected Parameters

  • Selected Filters

  • Selected Breakdowns, Hierarchies, Visible Depth, and Drill Level

  • Selected Variables (Size, Color, X, Y, etc.)

So although the underlying data may change, a specific view of that data can be specified and bookmarked for future usage.

Bookmarks can be added, and are available to all users of the workbook.

Bookmarks also generate a unique URL, which can be sent to another individual with access, allowing them to see exactly the same view of the selected dashboard.