Altair® Panopticon


Adding an Icon Legend

The Icon Legend lists all those icons displayed within the associated visualization.

Adding an Icon Legend

  1. Draw a rectangle on the dashboard canvas to display the Parts dialog.

  1. Click the Icon Legend  icon in the Legends & Filters section of the Parts dialog.

The Color Legend part is displayed in the dashboard canvas.

  1. Select the Icon Legend.

  1. The Drag to Connect icon will appear at the top of the Legend.

  1. Click on Drag to Connect and drag to the desired parent visualization (Table of Heat Matrix). Release the mouse.

The Icon Legend is now connected to a parent visualization. It will retrieve the icon variables from this visualization and display the constituent icons in a vertical column along with their associated labels.

The link between the Legend and parent visualization is visible in the Panopticon Designer (Desktop). You can change this and connect to a different visualization by re-doing the Drag to Connect step.