Altair® Panopticon


Adding a Text Box

You can add labels or explanatory text to a Dashboard using a Text Box.

Find the Text Box icon in the General area of the Design Toolbox.

Adding a Text Box

  1. Select the Text Box  icon and drag it to the Dashboard canvas.

The interface changes to gray and displays a dashed frame showing where the Icon Text Box will be placed.

  1. Release the mouse. This drops the Text Box into position.

By default it appears empty except for the words Click to enter text.

Selecting the Text Box displays the handles for resizing.

  1. Click on the Text Box makes the text editable.

  1. Type the new text.

  1. Click on a location outside the Text Box to complete the operation.

  1. To modify the style of the text, click Settings. The Text Label Settings dialog displays.

And make the changes are required to:

    • Font

    • Foreground

    • Background

You can parameterize Text Boxes in the same way as Visualization Titles. Simply add the parameter name within curly brackets, {Company}, or preceded by the dollar symbol ($Company) which is supported for backwards compatibility.

Text boxes can also be populated from a source data table, as implied through the settings panel above.

To associate the text box with a data column, drag the column to the text box.

A preview of the data will be shown.

Dropping the column on the text box, causes every row to be written as a new line within the text box, and introduces vertical scroll bars if necessary.