Altair® Panopticon


Adding a Filter Box

Dashboards specific filters can be applied by adding and populating a filter box.

You can find Filter Boxes in the Legends & Filters area of the Parts dialog box.

A Filter Box is a container for numeric and categorical (text) filters.

You can add multiple Filter Boxes to a single Dashboard.

Adding a Filter Box

  1. Draw a rectangle on the dashboard canvas to display the Parts dialog.

  2. Click the Filter Box icon in the Legends & Filters section of the Parts dialog.

The filter box is displayed in the dashboard canvas. By default it appears empty without a defined border.

  1. Click on the Click here to enter title bar at the top of the visualization.

  1. Enter the Filter Title.

  2. Drag and drop columns in the Drop columns here to create filters section.

  3. Select the Filter Box.

The border and handles are displayed, allowing resizing and repositioning of the Filter Box.

  1. Click the Maximize icon to maximize the Filter Box in the dashboard.

The Filter Box is maximized and the icon changes from to .

Click to restore the Filter Box to its original size and position.

  1. Click the Delete icon on the Panopticon Designer (Desktop) toolbar to delete the Filter Box.

  2. Click OK in the confirmation message.