Altair® Panopticon


[2] Installing Altair Panopticon Designer (Desktop)

Panopticon Designer (Desktop) is a Windows program for use in a desktop environment. The install file consists of a single executable:

q  32-bit: AltairPanopticonDesignerx86wInstaller.exe

q  64-bit: AltairPanopticonDesignerx64wInstaller.exe

A separate MSI and setup.exe is available on request for integration into corporate delivery mechanisms.


1.     Run setup.exe as an administrator (right-click and Run as Administrator). 

The Setup Wizard displays:


2.     Click Next.

The End-User License Agreement dialog displays:


3.     Read and check the I accept the terms in the License Agreement box then click Next.

The Destination Folder dialog displays:


4.     Confirm the installation folder.

5.     Click Next

The Confirm Installation dialog displays:



6.     Click Install to confirm the installation. You will be informed about the progress of the installation process:

Installation typically takes less than 30 seconds.

You will be notified once the installation is complete:


7.     And finaly, click Finish.

The installation creates a Datawatch Desktop folder under the user’s My Documents folder. Within this folder you will find several sub-folders:

·         Data

·         Datatables

·         Example Datatable Templates

·         Example Workbooks

·         Workbooks

·         Cached Data

·         Global Caches

These folders are the default locations for workbooks and data tables created with the Panopticon Designer (Desktop) software; plus storage for any data files retrieved from the Panopticon Visualization Server.

The installation program also creates a log file under the user’s profile within the Application Data folder in Windows XP (the AppData\Roaming  folder in Windows 7/10/2012) using this folder structure:

\Datawatch Desktop\Designer\Log.txt 

This log file can also easily be retrieved by using the Help > Export Log File… menu option within the Panopticon Designer (Desktop).

After a successful installation, you will need to either connect to a Panopticon Visualization Server or select the license type to use your copy of Panopticon Designer (Desktop) for stand-alone use.