Altair® Panopticon


OneTick & OneTick CEP


For version 16.7.0, the OneTick connector is built and tested against version 1.17 of the OneTick Client.




For OneTick, manually copy specific dependency files from the OneTick installation. (e.g., C:\omd\one_market_data\one_tick\bin) to the Plugins folder. 

This is available by default at:

C:\Program Files\Datawatch Desktop\Designer\Plugins\Panopticon.OneTickPlugin


The specific files to be copied are:

q  Csomd.dll

q  Csomd_native.dll

q  Libonetick.dll


In addition, the following files are required for streaming continuous query support:

q  msvcp100.dll  

q  msvcr100.dll

Finally, a new folder titled config, must be created under the Plugins folder.

e.g.         C:\Program Files\Datawatch Desktop\Designer\Plugins\config

And the file: windows_tz_mapping.dat

Copied into it, from the OneTick folder: C:\omd\one_market_data\one_tick\config

The OneTick connector also requires that the environment variable: ONE_TICK_CONFIG


Has been configured with the path to the required config file.



And that the OneTick configuration file has entries for Windows OS time zone mapping and information.