Altair® Panopticon


Creating a New Text Color Palette In a Workbook

The configuration pane for the Color variable changes depending on the column data type.

When a text column is added to the Color variable, the configuration pane displays the color associated with each categorical item, as specified with a default color palette (e.g., Twenty Eight Colors).


1.     On the Text section, click the New  icon.

The Next Text Palette dialog displays.


2.     Enter the Title.

3.     Select the Number of Colors in the drop-down list. Default is 28 colors.

The Other list is updated accordingly.

4.     To set the colors:

·         click the corresponding Color box to display the Color dialog to:

¨        select the color, or

¨        click  to enter the values

for RGB

for HSL

for the Hex color code

·         or enter the Hex color code

5.     Click .

The new text color palette is added in the list (e.g., Sixteen Colors). Note that it can be deleted.