Altair® Panopticon


Interactive Parameters

Parameters are normally supplied from selected columns of the parent data table, or from action controls.

Additionally, actions can be specified to support interactive parameters that are entered when the action is executed.

In this case for a parameter the Value Source list box is set to $Interactive.



Actions can be constructed with combinations of data source and interactive parameters.

Typically, interactive parameters are used to pass data back to data repositories or external systems.

When interactive parameters are selected, the Input Validation and Error Message boxes are enabled.

q  The Input Validation can be any regular expression (e.g., “A-Z{3}”).

q  The parameter will not be updated unless it passes the validation. Enter an Error Message to help in defining a better input to match the regular expression (e.g., “Please use a 3-letter code.”)

When an action is executed which required an interactive parameter, an associated dialog box will be displayed.

This lists all parameters associated with the action.  For the example above, data sourced parameters are listed completed with values.  Interactive parameters are listed with text boxes for data entry.

The action is then executed when the OK button is clicked. This button is enabled when all interactive parameters have been completed.

If the Cancel button is clicked, the action is cancelled.