Altair® Panopticon



All of the visualizations have these general settings:







Title of the visualization.

Double click mode

Sets the behavior to be performed when double-clicking on a visualization value.

Header Controls

Tap the slider to display the header controls such as Export Excel, Toggle Display Mode, Maximize, Rubber Band Zoom, and Rubber Band Selection options.


Tap the slider to display the Shelf Variable and Breakdown.

Visible Shelves

Check the boxes of the shelves that will be displayed in the visualization.


Enable to reset the zoom on data reload.

Automatic Parameterization

Select the automatic parameterization status: On, Off, or Inherit (default).


Allows you to switch to another data table in the workbook to be used in the visualization.

Recalculate Automatic Range on Breakdown Change

Tap the slider for variables with automatic range/mapping to be recalculated when the visible depth is changed in the visualization.


Set the font size, weight, and italicization to be used in the visualization.

Help Text

The added Help text can be displayed for the visualization.