Altair® Panopticon


Modification of the Numeric or Date/Time Column Format

The format of the numeric or Date/Time columns retrieved from the data source can be modified.


1.     On the Data Sources pane, click a data source to display its settings.


2.     Click Columns. The Columns pane displays with the list of available columns in the data source.


3.     Click the drop-down list and select the Format for the numeric or Date/Time column.



The check box for numeric or Date/Time columns are enabled and can be selected.






To modify the format of several numeric and/or Date/Time columns, check their corresponding boxes. The Default Display Format drop-down list is enabled.


You can either:

·         select a format in the Default Display Format drop-down list. This format will be applied to all the checked columns.         



·        modify the format for each checked column. The Default Display Format value will be Mixed. 


        Once the column format is modified, the button is displayed. Click this button to revert to the original column format.

4.     Click . The new column format is applied and displayed on the Data Preview.