Occurrence (hwx.inspire.core)

Base class for Model, Assembly and Part.


active: Bool autoCalculateCG: Bool autoCalculateMass: Bool
autoCalculateMoment: Bool cg: Location color: Color
detectCollisions: Bool ground: Bool ip: Inertia
mass: Double material: Attribute modifiable: Bool
morphable: Bool movable: Bool name: Attribute
position: Attribute transparency: Double visible: Bool
volume: Double  


Public Methods

destroy (self)
setAnimationPosition (self, position)

Attribute Details

active : Bool

Returns or sets the object activeness.

Setting this on or off sets all children. Setting to True sets all the parents active too.

autoCalculateCG : Bool

Determines whether the center of gravity is auto calculated.

autoCalculateMass : Bool

Determines whether the mass value is automatically calculated based upon volume and material density.

autoCalculateMoment : Bool

Determines whether the mass moment of inertia is automatically calculated.

cg : Location (units=”length”)

Returns the object’s global center of gravity as a point.

color : Color

Determines the color assigned to the object when it is displayed in the modeling window.

The default color for parts is gray, but a different color can be assigned.

detectCollisions : Bool

Determines whether to detect collision.

It prevents parts in the model from overlapping and has been enabled by default.

ground : Bool

Returns or sets the object to be ground or immovable.

ip : Inertia (units=”massMI”)

Specifies the inertial properties of this object.

Resistance to change in motion (ixx, iyy, izz, ixy, izy, ixz).

mass : Double (units=”m”)

The mass of the object.

material : Attribute

The material of the object.

Every part in the model has a material assigned to it. The default material is steel, but a different material can be assigned.

modifiable : Bool

Determines whether the selected object can be edited.

morphable : Bool

Determines whether the selected object shape can be changed.

movable : Bool

Determines whether the selected object can be translated in the modeling window or has been locked in place.

name : Attribute

Returns or sets the name of the object.

It can be any text string, including spaces, although it’s best to avoid using the following characters: ” ‘ * ? and $.

While these characters are allowed, they could create difficulties when you export the model to other applications.

position : Attribute

Specifies the global transform as a Matrix44.

transparency : Double

Specifies the transparency of the object.

Allows you to change the transparency, according to a percentage. By default, objects are 0% transparent(opaque).

visible : Bool

Determines whether the object is visible in the modeling window.

Setting this on or off sets all children. Setting to True sets all the parents visible too.

volume : Double (units=”volume”)

The volume of the object in the assembly.

Property Details


Returns the bounding box aligned to the axis of the object.


Returns the oriented bounding box (not necessarily minimum).


Determines whether the part is grounded.


Returns origin of the object as a Point.


Returns the minimum bounding box.

Method Details


Destroys occurrences from the model.

setAnimationPosition(self, position)

Sets the position of the part during an animation.

position as ‘None’ will revert the part back to its modelling position.

param position:Position is a Matrix44 or something that can be cast to a Matrix44.
type position:Matrix44