TextEdit (hwx.gui)

A TextEdit Widget.

It is used to display and modify formatted and HTML text. It can be editable or not. Ctrl+Wheel zooms in/out.



Public Methods

onKeyPress (self, event)
onWheelHandler (self, event)

Property Details


The HTML formatted text.


Returns and sets whether text/value can be edited.


The text to display.

Method Details

onKeyPress(self, event)

Callback method when a key is pressed on the TextEdit widget.

<Ret> adds a new line, lets add <Shift+Ret> for onCommand.

param event:Event to get key pressed.
type event:KeyEvent
onWheelHandler(self, event)

Callback method when the mouse wheel is rotated inside the TextEdit widget.

Ctrl+Wheel Zooms in/out.

param event:The key event to capture the ctrl pressed and mouse wheel event to determine if is used zoom in or out.
type event:KeyEvent, MouseEvent