SplineTable (hwx.gui)

A table used to display/edit a Spline.


Public Methods

onSelectionChangeHandler (self)
onValueChangeHandler (self, row, col)
setSpline (self, spline)

Method Details


Callback method when selected cells changed.

onValueChangeHandler(self, row, col)

Acts when a user changes a value in one the fields.

If the value is valid, it updates the data model, else it resets to pre-changed value.

param row:The row index of the table.
type row:int
param col:The column index of the table.
type col:int
setSpline(self, spline)

Sets the tables cell values from the spline values.

It gets called from the SplineEditor when the spline changes.

param spline:A spline containing x/y values to be set.
type spline:Spline