Exercise 1: Assign EM Material Properties to a Mesh for Feko

In this exercise you will assign EM material properties to a mesh.

  1. In HyperMesh, click Preferences > User Profiles and select the Feko profile.
  2. Create or sort the mesh elements into components. Each component should only have on type of mesh element.
  3. Create the required materials. You can create anisotropic dielectric media (with optional magnetic properties) and metallic media.
  4. Create the required properties. A property maps materials onto an element type. You can create:
    • Triangle, which requires "Front medium," "Back medium," and an optional "Face medium" with thickness value required when the face is set to be a metallic material.
    • Segment, with required materials for "Core medium" and "Surrounding medium." A "Radius" value must be supplied.
    • Tetrahedron, which requires only a "Volume medium" material.
  5. Assign the properties to the components to map the material settings to the elements in each component.
  6. Export the mesh as an FHM file. An INC file with the same file name is created automatically.
  7. Import the FHM file into CADFEKO (or EDITFEKO). If an INC file with the same file name is available, it is imported automatically.