ACU-T: 3100 Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Mixing ElbowAcuConsole

This tutorial provides the instructions for setting up, solving, and viewing results for a simulation of 3D turbulent-flow with conjugate heat transfer in a mixing elbow. It is designed to introduce you to the HyperMesh tool set with a simple problem.

The basic steps in any CFD simulation are shown in ACU-T: 2000 Turbulent Flow in a Mixing Elbow. The following additional capabilities of HyperMesh are introduced in this tutorial:
  • Simulating heat transfer within a fluid
  • Simulating heat transfer between a fluid and a solid (conjugate heat transfer)
  • Creation of a new material model
  • Modeling of surfaces shared between solid and fluid volumes
  • Propagation (copying) of settings from one surface group to another


You should have already run through the introductory tutorial, ACU-T: 2000 Turbulent Flow in a Mixing Elbow. It is assumed that you have some familiarity with AcuConsole, AcuSolve, and AcuFieldView. You will also need access to a licensed version of AcuSolve.

Prior to running through this tutorial, copy from <Altair_installation_directory>\hwcfdsolvers\acusolve\win64\model_files\tutorials\AcuSolve to a local directory. Extract from