ACU-T: 2000 Turbulent Flow in a Mixing ElbowAcuConsole

This tutorial provides the instructions for setting up, solving, and viewing results of a simulation of 3D turbulent flow in a mixing elbow. It is designed to introduce you to the AcuSolve tool set with a simple problem.


In order to run this simulation, you will need access to a licensed version of HyperMesh. As this is the first tutorial in the introductory tutorial sequence, no prior experience with AcuConsole, AcuSolve, or AcuFieldView is expected.

Prior to running through this tutorial, copy from <Altair_installation_directory>\hwcfdsolvers\acusolve\win64\model_files\tutorials\AcuSolve to a local directory. Extract from

The color of objects shown in the modeling window in this tutorial and those displayed on your screen may differ. The default color scheme in AcuConsole is "random," in which colors are randomly assigned to groups as they are created. In addition, this tutorial was developed on Windows. If you are running this tutorial on a different operating system, you may notice a slight difference between the images displayed on your screen and the images shown in the tutorial.