ACU-T: 5000 Blower - Steady (Rotating Frame)AcuConsole

This tutorial provides the instructions for setting up, solving and viewing results for a steady simulation of a centrifugal air blower utilizing reference frames. In this simulation, HyperWorks CFD is used to compute the motion of fluid due to the rotation of the impeller blades as well as the resulting pressure drop created between the inlet and outlet after the blades have been rotating for a long time. This tutorial is designed to introduce you to a number of modelling concepts necessary to perform simulations that use multiple reference frames.

The basic steps in any CFD simulation are shown in ACU-T: 2000 Turbulent Flow in a Mixing Elbow. The following additional capabilities of HyperWorks CFD are introduced in this tutorial:
  • Rotating reference frame
  • Assigning of reference frame to volume and surface sets
  • Post-processing using user function with AcuProbe
  • Post-processing the nodal output with AcuFieldView to get pressure fields.