CAD (Geometry) Formats for Export

The geometry can be exported to a number of industry-standard CAD formats.

The following CAD formats are supported for export:
Formats File Format
ACIS .sat
CATIA V4 .model, .session, .exp
Note: Only supported for Windows.
.CATPart, .CATProduct, .CATShape
IGES .iges, .igs
Parasolid .x_t, .x_b
STEP .STEP, .stp

Scaling is often the source of many importing errors when translating between CAD file formats (ACIS, CATIA, IGES, Pro Engineer, STEP, Unigraphics / NX, Parasolid).

CADFEKO does not perform any scaling during the export (scaling could cause tolerance errors during the subsequent import process). Change the scaling by modifying the CADFEKO model unit or model extents. If a model does not import as expected, change the scaling to import the geometry correctly.