Defining an Aperture in an Infinite PEC Plane

Model a slot or aperture in an infinite plane using the planar Green's function aperture. The aperture is discretised instead of the surrounding ground plane, reducing the number of triangles and run time.

  1. Create the geometry to model the aperture or slot in the infinite PEC plane. For example, create a rectangle to represent the aperture.
  2. Select the “aperture” in the 3D view or in the model tree.
  3. In the details tree, from the right-click context menu, select Properties.
  4. On the Face properties dialog, click the Solution tab.
  5. Under Solve with special solution method, from the drop-down list, select Planar Green's function aperture.

    Figure 1. The Face properties dialog (Solution tab).
  6. Click OK to model the aperture as a planar Green's function aperture and to close the dialog.